We are inspired by the footsteps of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) that New York City's Muslim communities will best develop in an up to date Mosque. The New York Board of Imams has not only seen tremendous increase in membership but has motivated its population to find new ways to help achieve our goals efficiently.


         • Provide free services to all Mosque's

         • Upgrade Mosque's with progressive technology

         • To stimulate a safe, secure, and pleasant environment in the Mosque's for its respective members and locals

         • Advance the growth of Mosque's in NYC financially, economically, physically, and spiritually

         • Provide a variety of trainings

         • Create an out reach for NYC Mosque's internally and externally


The New York Board of Imams Inc. serves the Mosque population of New York City, a private organization of dedicated members located in Brooklyn, in one of the world’s most innovative and important cities. The New York Board of Imams is established to meet the needs of the growing Muslim community in New York City. Muslims attend our Mosque's, but our Mosque's are greatly underserved when it comes to basic required necessities, in increasing numbers. The New York Board of Imams provides 100% free services to eliminate any burden Mosque's will endeavor. We are recognized and motivated by local organizations for our dedication and effort. As we help each Mosque we will help our Muslim communities grow internally as well as externally.